Imitating offset/silkscreen.
"Sounds like a Book" residency project Updates soon!
Spontaneous poster made with found images. Starting point for my process was Lana del Rabie's song"Coward" and dubious merchandise pictures off E-bay.
Collage Humusite
Homo homini lupus est. Linocut.
Glitch experiment
Illustration for The body's lyrics.
Linocut, inspired by the engravings of Albrecht Dürer and Hans Holbein. Karl the Skeleton is a variation of the archetype of The Fool.
Risoprint, typography exercise juxtaposed with murals of early Renaissance painter Masaccio and gothic architecture blueprints.
Composition with abstract shapes.
Poster inspired by acid graphics and music of Deena Abdelwahed.
"After I petted Buckminster for a few seconds, to show him I loved him, I checked the phone messages." Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan S. Foer
A short soundscape inspired by the surrealist paintings of Beksinski and ambient works of Roly Porter.
Book cover designs for Animal Farm and A Brief History of Time entered for Penguin Books contest.
Digital collage/Poster made out of found footage and personal photos. Inspired by Bacovia's poetry.
Minimalist cover design for Jazz band "Paragon".
T-shirt design for San Francisco alternative band SLEEPTALKERS.
Glitch. Loop animation for Sophia Manouki’s début poem as poet-in-residence at RUG. Done over the course of two days in collaboration with Marina Sulima and Olivia D'Cruz.
Stippling/ink; Done during the "Group Portraits" off-course, this piece focuses on composition and the way it dictates dialogue between subjects.
Created during the artist-book workshop led by Beatriz Calafell in collaboration with [ksa:k], Gråtoner comprises of a photographic series that aims to explore post-soviet spaces and their atmosphere. The collection is a namesake of the album Gråtoner by Swedish band Hypothermia, which set the mood for the entirety of the creating process.
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